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HoopYogini™ is transformational fitness integrating hula hooping
with hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation.

All HoopYogini postures and moves can be linked into a flowing and meditative dance.

What will I experience

Experience a full body workout that incorporates dynamic,
calorie burning movement with traditional yoga stretches, restorative and
detoxifying breath practices, inspirational language and meditation
prompts that relax your mind and brings you into the present moment.

How is the hoop used

The adult size hula hoop is used both held in the hands as a balance, resistance
and strength building tool, as well as,  on the body as a calorie blasting, low to medium
impactfitness practice that tones and massages the core.

Workshop Description:

The Doctor-Approved HoopYogini™ Spinal Awakening Series is a six-posture flow.
This flow moves the spine through it’s full range of motion while strengthening
your core and developing your Centered Pose –your place of inner power, strength and
resilience. A strong Centered Pose helps to improve your ability to respond gracefully to life’s
changes and challenges-with or without a hoop!

This workshop focuses on two powerful breath work practices – Three Part Breath
and Victorious Breath  to help stabilize and detoxify the body while calming the mind
and balancing your energy.

The hula hoop in your hands acts a yoga strap, resistance band or therapeutic ball to stretch
and strengthen the body.  Then learn how to integrate each pose into a flowing dance.
By the end of class students will know how to customize the series for. to create a daily self-care
practice that creates a deep sense of calm, encourages creativity, strength and flexibility, and is
fun, centering, sensual.

No Hooping experience required. Hoops are provided.

crafting awakens creativity, mindfulness, and magic!

Our craft workshops have the power of being mindful experiences. Social crafting promotes
purpose through creation. And creation is self-expression, and can be generosity in the form of gift-giving.
We know there’s a mover and a maker in all of us. Someone who wants to reconnect their mind to their hands
and body while connecting with others, too. That inner artist just needs the space to shine.


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