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Our Mission

Hula Nation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire health and beauty through art and movement. Facilitating workshops to assist in developing skills for individuals in urban and rural communities.

Since 2012, Hula Nation has facilitated workshops on HoopYogini dance at various schools, yoga and wellness centers, and events around the NYC area, including festivals such as BAM Dance Africa, TAMA, Hampton's Yoga Festival, and Wanderlust. We've collaborated with artists across the US, creating pop-ups and other curated event. To date, Hula Nation has participated in over 300 events and festivals through NYC and around the world.

In June 2019, Hula Nation began its international expansion. Hula Nation had the opportunity to work with the Kazo community in the city of Kampala in Uganda in collaboration with Paper Fig Foundation, dedicated to empowering through Fashion and Fine Arts, and IGC Fashion, a sustainable fashion brand working with different communities to make fashion more inclusive.




Hula Nation is expanding into global terrains, inspiring, and being inspired to create shifting change.

In February 2020 Hula Nation returned to Uganda to implement and expand the capacity to do impactful work to support the dreams of rural Ugandan people, especially the women and children through art and movement workshops. Our objective was to create 100 dreamcatcher making kits and macrame art for purpose on developing skills in craft-making to strengthen economic opportunities for local Ugandan women and families through ongoing workshops and skills training sessions.

Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, my work has Urban, Indigenous, African and Taino influences and is guided by an innate sense of adventure. I create wearable fiber art and dreamcatchers as a way of celebrating health and beauty. I carefully source materials from craftspeople and artisans around the world, including a women’s cooperative in Guatemala I began working with in 2021.

Movement is central to my vision as an artist. I teach hoop dance, art, and movement to communities around the world through my nonprofit, Hula Nation. My artwork is designed to move too, adjusting to all bodies to foster self confidence and prove that we are all works of art.

My work as an artist and educator encourages community building by showing people that we are part of a lineage – a
family overflowing with massive amounts of creativity, radiance, and the power to create change.

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