100% of your purchase goes to developing art and movement workshops in urban and rural communities.




Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, my work has Urban, Indigenous, African and Taino influences and is guided by an innate sense of adventure. I create wearable fiber art and dreamcatchers as a way of celebrating health and beauty. I carefully source materials from craftspeople and artisans around the world, including a women’s cooperative in Guatemala I began working with in 2021.

Movement is central to my vision as an artist. I teach hoop dance, art, and movement to communities around the world through my nonprofit, Hula Nation. My artwork is designed to move too, adjusting to all bodies to foster self confidence and prove that we are all works of art.

My work as an artist and educator encourages community building by showing people that we are part of a lineage – a family overflowing with massive amounts of creativity, radiance, and the power to create change.